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Alexandra Budke

Alexandra Budke is a Professor of Human Geography and Geography Education at the Institute of Geography Education at the University of Cologne. Important fields of research are argumentation, citizenship education, intercultural learning and the use of digital media in geography lessons.

Emmanuel Guardiola

Emmanuel Guardiola is a Professor of Game Design at the Cologne Game Lab. He has worked on more than 30 major games titles in the game industry. He received his doctorate in computer science and is researching player psychological profiling at the CNAM laboratory for computer science (Paris)

Joelle-Denise Lux

Joelle-Denise Lux is a doctoral student at the Institute for Geography Education at the University of Cologne. For her dissertation about the usage of games in Geography Education she draws on her academic backgrounds in both geography and multimedia design. Current focus of her research is the fostering of system competence in the context of recent socio-ecological challenges with the help of digital strategy games.

André Czauderna

André Czauderna is an education researcher working at the Cologne Game Lab of TH Köln, where he manages and develops the study programs BA and MA Digital Games as well as teaches player research. His research focuses on processes of learning in strategy and management games, gaming affinity spaces, and game design education. Czauderna holds a PhD from Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.

Patricia Cotrim

Patricia Cotrim is a Master student in Digital Games at the Cologne Game Lab (TH Köln), where she also works as a research assistant. After participating in other projects related to the use of games for serious applications, she obtained her Bachelor's degree and continued researching the use of games to improve the real world.

In the Past

Rakibul Hasan Toor

Tom Kometz

Tom Kometz is a student assistant in geography didactics at the University of Cologne. He has been working on this project since the beginning, where he is responsible for testing and analyzing video games as well as producing videos. Tom studies special education at the University of Cologne.

Isabel Dreeßen

Isabel Dreeßen is a student assistant at the university of cologne, who is studying to become a middle school teacher for the subjects biology and geography. She supports the main participants with the project and is a gaming fan herself.